My name’s Roberto M. I was born in Luzzara (Reggio Emilia) – Italy, the 23th January 1969.

My work (DJ) began with the passion of 70s-80s AFRO FUNKY music.
When I was young I used to frequent “afro meetings” of RETE RADIO ONDA AZZURRA (a broadcasting station which only played afro funky music).

When I was 23 I let my disks play for the first times..Was it too late? I don’t think so, ‘cause I have never imaged to become a professional DJ...

In 1997, I met MASSI DJ, who told me to follow him in a famous club (BISBI) in Pavone Mella (BS).
So, I started playing my music and I did an audition test at Ritual (Campogalliano – MO), and I joined an organisation called “QUELLI DELLA BAJA” (“People of the Bay”).

I met ANDY, among the first Djs, and we’re still friends and collaborators.

I played as Resident DJ at MARABU' - Villa Cella Reggio in Emilia (1998-2000), then at ITALGHISA – Reggio in Emilia (2000-2005). And at the same time in (2001-2002) at MORE – Modena, and at DRIVE INN – Villa Cella – Reggio in Emilia (2005-06) - ADRENALINE - Rggio in Emilia (2007-08)

Concluding, I’d like to underline the fact that, even if my musical genre is slightly changed, proposing New Afro Style, my real love is represented by OLD AFRO FUNKY.

Kind regards,

Bye bye Celu ...             *for news of my party select EVENTI